Our People

About The Principal

The Principal, Dr Mindy Thorpe (PhD, Grad Dip Mgt, B.Bus), has over 25 years of experience in occupational health and safety, employment relations, environmental, quality and HACCP management.

Dr Mindy Thorpe

Mindy Thorpe:
• Develops occupational health and safety, quality assurance and environmental management systems for clients who want to achieve best practice or require third party certification of their management systems to Australian and International Standards.
• Is a Lead OHS Auditor.
• Provides consulting and auditing services to Building and Civil Construction, Electrical, Food, Timber and Metal manufacturing, Horticulture, Arborist, Racing, Tourism, Airlines, Waste Management and Water Utilities.
• Has worked as an accredited provider Pre-qualified Contractor Auditor (PQC) with the Qld Government.
• Has lectured undergraduate and postgraduate Workplace Health and Safety Law, Policy and Management in Queensland and New South Wales.
• Has authored several undergraduate and postgraduate subjects on occupational health and safety, employment relations, public policy, social justice and human resource management.
• Conducts Audits, Risk Assessments, Incident Investigation and Training to assist clients to maintain highest standards in workplace health and safety, quality and environmental compliance.
• Provides in-house training on ‘occupational health and safety’, quality assurance, environmental management and ‘chain of responsibility’ to all levels of the organisation.
• Regularly attends business conferences and seminars as an invited guest speaker on duty of care, chain of responsibility and risk management.
• Is active in research into workplace health and safety issues.

Whether you are a sole trader or a corporation. Dr Thorpe creates a practical management system that recognises the integral links between workplace health and safety, quality, the environment and other business functions such as strategic planning, accounting and human resourcing.